Welcome to Art by Ellen!

I was born in 1956 in upstate New York . I love family gatherings, photography, gardening, swimming and being outdoors. I am married and have two adult children, one young son and  4 grandchildren. My family also includes my chocolate lab and several cats.

I am an animal lover! I have worked in numerous animal facilities including The Columbus Zoo, Rescue One Sanctuary, and The Ohio Wildlife Center.


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About My Art

I create most of my paintings from a concept I often formulate in my head! Usually something inspires me and a picture idea is conceived. I usually start my paintings with that idea in mind, but sometimes the painting concept changes a bit as I paint.

I was using a mixed media for some time and in the last few years started painting largely with acrylics. There are many advantages to acrylic paint, but like anything else there are disadvantages as well. One disadvantage would be smooth color transitions or blending. Blending the colors is much more difficult with acrylic because of the faster drying time!

I vary between painting on canvass and on board. In some cases, I want that canvas texture to add to the overall look of my painting. Other times I want a very smooth surface to achieve intricate detail and a smoother look.

My paintings can take as long as a month to complete. For the last year or so, I try to work on a couple of paintings at a time, switching between them, because I frequently use layers of washes that need time to dry. I work on one while the other is drying. I also often have several concepts floating around in my head. It also gives me a chance to look away from each painting for a bit. I can return to a painting with a fresh eye, so to speak. Larger paintings take longer, so I may end up doing several smaller ones while still working on the larger piece.